Executive MBA Posts

“It’s given me an opportunity to reflect on my future”

Despite the pressures of a new job, life in a new city and a baby on the way, Maersk’s Abhay Kinra decided September 2020 was the time to begin his Executive MBA at CBS. Now just over six months in, the programme has not only given him new skills, but precious time and opportunity to… Read more »

Executive MBA Podcast Series: Professor Kasper Meisner Nielsen

MBA Podcast

A peek inside the CBS EMBA classroom in this MBA podcast. Professor Kasper Meisner Nielsen teaches Finance to CBS Executive MBA participants. Listen to this short podcast for a glimpse into how he imparts his insight and expertise… No audio player below? Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-515989162/a-peek-inside-the-cbs-emba-classroom Copenhagen Bus. School · A peek inside the CBS EMBA… Read more »

Executive MBA Podcast Series: Riska Mirzalina

MBA Podcast

Participant perspective: The CBS EMBA experience Riska Mirzalina has recently graduated from the CBS Executive MBA and in this podcast she shares her journey, elaborating on her experiences and outlook. No audio player below? Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-515989162/participant-perspective-the-cbs-emba-experience Copenhagen Bus. School · Participant perspective: The CBS EMBA experience

“I was prepared to pay my own way”

Rising star Riska

A rising star in her company, Riska Mirzalina became one of the first employees outside the top-level managers to embark on an Executive MBA thanks to her determination and powers of persuasion. Here, she outlines how the qualification has enhanced her career. I began my MBA with Copenhagen Business School in 2018, but the process… Read more »

“Not-for-profits can learn from businesses”


As Technology and Finance Director for Greenpeace Nordics, Magali Reyes Henkel has extensive experience of working within the not-for-profit sector. And as an Executive MBA alumni, she appreciates the value that experiences from the corporate world can add to the sector… “It’s not common for senior level executives in not-for-profit organisations to have MBAs, but… Read more »