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Executive MBA Podcast Series: Riska Mirzalina

Participant perspective: The CBS EMBA experience Riska Mirzalina has recently graduated from the CBS Executive MBA and in this podcast she shares her journey, elaborating on her experiences and outlook. No audio player below? Listen here: Copenhagen Bus. School · Participant perspective: The CBS EMBA experience

Winter has come to Copenhagen: How to survive the dark season

Copenhagen winter

What does the Copenhagen winter look like? The Copenhagen winter is indeed long and dark, with temperature as low as -2°C and daytime as short as seven hours. One must learn to get along with the rain and the wind, and we have learned to count ourselves lucky if we see one sunny day per… Read more »

“I was prepared to pay my own way”

Rising star Riska

A rising star in her company, Riska Mirzalina became one of the first employees outside the top-level managers to embark on an Executive MBA thanks to her determination and powers of persuasion. Here, she outlines how the qualification has enhanced her career. I began my MBA with Copenhagen Business School in 2018, but the process… Read more »

MBA career planning: Goals for the year ahead and beyond

Post-MBA career goals

As I embark on my MBA career planning and slowly refine my goals, I know that I will leave the program with a different perspective than when I arrived. With every new academic subject, I am reminded of my strengths and areas for growth, writes Deborah Levinson. The Copenhagen MBA is an intense time of… Read more »

Human capital in a changing world: Takeaways from Human Resource Management

Copenhagen MBA blog post on Human Resource Management

Last week, our coursework was focused on Human Resource Management and Transformation. Given the current impact Covid-19 has had on the economy, countries and business alike have had to adapt by changing much of their ways of thinking and working. It’s been just over a month since I embarked on the Copenhagen MBA. My classmates… Read more »