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Looking Beyond the MBA Horizon: Post-MBA Career Plan

post mba career plan

Sometimes, during our busy lives, we don´t have time to consider where we are going, and we can only focus on the next step forward. Taking a year off and dedicating it to an MBA is not only a good way to acquire knowledge and meet new people, it is also a fantastic opportunity to take… Read more »

A Midwinter Night’s Tale: Copenhagen and Hygge

copenhagen and hygge

Surviving winter in Copenhagen as a first timer is no joke! And the task gets daunting if you are accustomed to a warmer climate. Getting through a Danish winter means surviving more than four months of  temperatures often sinking below zero, endless weeks without sunshine, long nights with daylight lasting for just eight hours, icy… Read more »

Why Learning Danish will Enrich your MBA Experience

how to enrich your mba experience

Danish classes are a great place to meet new people, build friendships and establish a network outside of the MBA, explains Kevin Krieger. In a city where English is nearly universally spoken as a second language, it’s natural to question whether it’s worth it to add Danish classes on top of an already packed MBA… Read more »

Yes We Can: How to Manage Corporations Sustainably

managing corporations sustainably

The designations Managing Sustainable Corporations (MSC) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seemed like foreign words to me before applying to the Copenhagen MBA, yet they turned out to be very exciting fields to explore. Three months into my MBA journey, new pieces of knowledge as well as new perspectives on CSR and sustainability are now firmly planted into… Read more »

A Survival Guide to the MBA Galaxy

mba survival guide

Olafur Arnarsson offers a glimpse into the day of a typical Copenhagen MBA student: both the classroom and the packed calendar. The first days of the Copenhagen MBA are intense, and you will spend a lot of energy taking it all in. How to survive this onslaught of new impressions, academic pressures and rigorous demands… Read more »

Neuro Leadership: Knowing Oneself to Lead Better

neuro leadership

Neuro leadership, perched at the intersection of neuroscience and management, has much to offer future leaders by making behavior more predictable. Through the Leadership Discovery Process, the Copenhagen MBA class of 2020 gained insight in this interesting field, writes Prajakta Patil. Coming from an emerging market like India, when I decided to do my MBA… Read more »