me and my leadership mentors

Me and My Leadership Mentors

The Leadership Discovery Process (LDP) is an amazing journey that runs throughout the Copenhagen MBA. The LDP will take you completely out of your comfort zone in so many different ways.

As part of the LDP, you will be assigned to a group of four to five classmates and matched with two mentors. The mentors are CBS MBA alumni that voluntarily supply us with information and support throughout the LDP. We meet every six weeks over the course of the program.

My mentors’ names are Thomas and Cristina, and both are wonderful warm professionals. The first thing on the agenda in our first meeting was to establish trust between us all and create a safe space to talk and communicate our views as we move forward in our MBA journey.

I must say that both Cristina and Thomas are very skilled in leadership as they were able to create trust and psychological safety within the group already in the very first meeting, and I imagine that the Copenhagen MBA played a big part in bringing out their innate leadership skills.

Every meeting is different. My mentors are very much on top of what we are experiencing in our MBA journey, and they always seem to know when we require a talk about something other than the MBA. For example, before the Christmas exam period, they took us to a traditional Danish restaurant where we had some Danish Christmas food and warm Christmas glogg/wine. We have also enjoyed dinner together at our group members’ homes, where we had some interesting conversations about everything from raising children to corporate finance.

I learn something new and useful every time we come together. And it doesn’t matter how tired or stressed I am when we meet because afterwards I feel energized and ready to take on the next challenge.

A one year MBA can, at times, be very stressful with its fast pace and its constant need for soaking up learning. The methodology of the LDP mentors in the program is well-executed, and I know from this experience that the mentors add value to the Copenhagen MBA experience.

Thank you, Cristina and Thomas.

Olafur comes from a small fishing village in southwestern Iceland, his last position was Managing Director of an aquaculture company in the country.