Full Time MBA Posts

“How My internship led me to my dream job”

Louise Andersson

Louise Anderson completed her MBA internship with Danske Bank as part of her Copenhagen Business School journey. She’s now enjoying a vibrant career with the organisation. It’s well known that studying for an MBA with CBS means expanding your skillset and your professional network. But by also taking an internship you can also gain insight… Read more »

“Everyone wants you to succeed”

Riya Sachdev - Full-Time MBA, consulting

Riya Sachdev, Full-Time MBA participant, joined the programme with previous work experience in M&A advisory and she chose the Copenhagen MBA for management consulting exposure as she intends to be a generalist in the sector. For Riya, the LDP (Leadership Discovery Process) was, “life-changing.” Why did you choose the Copenhagen MBA? Choosing the CBS MBA… Read more »

“The internship at Danske Bank provided me with opportunity”

Camila Boada, Full-Time MBA participant, joined the programme with a finance background; she most recently was the Finance and Project Coordinator for Scotiabank. Her internship at Danske Bank provided her with a unique opportunity to experience the Danish working culture within a Nordic leading bank. What have you enjoyed about your MBA journey thus far?… Read more »

“I’ve really liked the Leadership Discovery Process; we have developed an understanding of our own awareness as leaders”


Pamela Mitchell, Full-Time MBA participant, joined the programme with a corporate background in marketing specifically for Walmart and Uber. She chose the Copenhagen MBA to gain a “360 degree view of business” and to kick-start her career abroad. She has enjoyed developing as a leader through the Leadership Discovery Process. What was your reason(s) for… Read more »

“The MBA was sort of my sandbox”


Sergio Gomez has just joined the Board of the Alumni Association of the MBA. He graduated in 2020 and now works for Danske Bank in Copenhagen. We asked him a handful of questions about his experiences with CBS from leadership to finance to sustainability and beyond. Why did you choose the Copenhagen MBA? I think… Read more »