Louise Andersson

“How My internship led me to my dream job”

Louise Anderson completed her MBA internship with Danske Bank as part of her Copenhagen Business School journey. She’s now enjoying a vibrant career with the organisation.

It’s well known that studying for an MBA with CBS means expanding your skillset and your professional network. But by also taking an internship you can also gain insight into the possibilities that lie ahead after graduation. It’s an opportunity to showcase your skills and practically apply your MBA learnings – you could even find yourself getting a full-time job offer.

Louise not only gained her MBA qualification and a wealth of experience, she’s now the Project Manager in Strategy Execution for Large Corporates and Institutions at Danske Bank.

Right place

Louise grew up in Helsingborg Sweden, with Copenhagen being the closest capital to her home. Despite this, she didn’t spend a lot of time in the city and so was interested in seeing what it had to offer.

As Louise explains, “After living abroad for 12 years – from the UK to the US and from Switzerland to France – I wanted to return home to Scandinavia and find a city that had the international aspects that I really liked about living abroad. It also needed to have the Scandinavian flair that I had missed. That’s why Copenhagen felt like the right place for me.”

Quality education

For Louise, when choosing an MBA programme, location as well as quality was really important. As she explains, “The Copenhagen or specifically CBS MBA is triple-accredited, is well ranked in Europe and it’s located not too far from my hometown which was a nice little twist for me.”

Programme pace

The structure of the CBS MBA was another deciding factor for Louise, “It’s both fast paced but also very intimate,” she adds.

As a result of this structure, Louise developed enduring relationships, “We got really close as a cohort, and that didn’t just contribute to feeling a sense of belonging, but it also really enriched our experiences in the classroom. We weren’t afraid to push each other out of our comfort zones (as and when the environment called for it) and that added a layer of personal development that was really enriching and invaluable for us as participants.”

Internship availability

Louise worked with career services to uncover what the right role for her looked like after her MBA placement.

“I organised a lot of meetings and eventually narrowed down and reached that Danske Bank would be an interesting organisation,” Louise explains, “On the same day that I told my career contact about Danske Bank, she came back and said they now have an internship available!”

The interviewing process for Danske Bank was a rigorous one, but she took it in her stride saying that, “It very much mirrored the real interview to become a full-time employee and that was an aspect I really appreciated.”

Practical application

Louise’s internship explored strategy execution in large corporates and institutions in Danske Bank. She was struck by how relevant the skills she had acquired during her studies became.

“I reflected on my MBA experience several times during my internship,” Louise says, “Whether that was my finance course, because I’m now working in a financial institution; the Marketing course, because of the interview and research structure that I had to design for my project; or the leadership discovery process and thinking about those scenarios of development that I had identified throughout the year and then started to apply during my internship to see how it played out in a workspace.”

The experience

While Louise is Swedish, she hadn’t worked in Scandinavia since she was a teenager and interning at Danske Bank gave her the opportunity to experience the local work culture.

“I got to really get a sense of what the Danish work culture was like,” she says. “It was something I was looking forward to with the internship and Danske Bank really helped to bring that to life for me.”

Louise also appreciated the attitudes her colleagues had towards her at the internship, “I was very much treated like a full-time employee, I got a lot of support, and I was welcome and invited to ask questions whenever I wanted to.” This was a huge contributing factor in her decision to remain at the company beyond her placement, “I really found that it was an environment I could see myself in going forward,” she adds.

Turning the internship into a full-time position

Louise’s internship project gave her exhaustive exposure to the wider organisation and introduced her to different parts of the bank. After about two months into the internship Louise was offered a full-time position.

For Louise, making a decision, “Wasn’t a difficult one.” Much of her assurance was due to the supportive attitude and diversity of perspectives. As she says, “I loved the culture in strategy execution, there were lots of international influences but also influences from different academic and professional backgrounds – so I knew I had so much to learn from the group of individuals I would surround myself with in strategy execution.”


The experience at CBS was a transformative one for Louise, “Before I started the CBS MBA, I had this vision of what the year would be like, and it wasn’t really what I had imagined, it was so much more.” She continues, “The MBA pushed me out of my comfort zone professionally, academically and personally. It also helped me to perform at an academic level that I never thought I was capable of.

“It’s helped me to crystalise my vision of where I want to take my career next, and it definitely connected me to individuals who I will see as lifelong friends, and who I would never have met had I not done the MBA programme this past year.”

Through the Copenhagen MBA, participants gain an internationally recognised qualification that is respected across the globe. But more than that, they gain critical insight into the admired Scandinavian business model – a model that prides itself on its ethical decision making, social responsibility and green agenda. If you would like learn more about the Full-Time MBA (a.k.a The Copenhagen MBA): Click here to download the brochure.