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The Blue MBA is about more than up-to-date knowledge

Habib Mammadov portrait

If it weren’t for his colleagues and friends, Habib Mammadov would not have found his way onto the CBS Blue MBA course in 2019. But it didn’t take him long to realise it was the right thing for not only his business but his personal development too. I started work in this industry in 2003… Read more »

“Follow your heart”

  CBS alumnus Jack Langworthy was originally drawn to a full-time MBA by the prospect of moving into a higher income bracket. And while the American entrepreneur achieved just that, his heart led him to Africa, where he put his business skills to use creating a wonderful life for his family and making a real… Read more »

Becoming a shark: The MBA venture capital experience

MBA venture capital competition

I’ve always dreamed of being one of the sharks on Shark Tank (or, in the Danish translation: ‘en løve i Løvernes Hule’), and this past weekend I was lucky enough for this to become a reality. As part of the MBA Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) Denmark, I was a venture capitalist for a day… Read more »

Putting the MBA to work in the Advisory Board

The Copenhagen MBA Advisory Board

Kevin Krieger and his teammates were paired with an agricultural startup in the MBA Advisory Board, which proved to be both a challenge and a great learning opportunity. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. With the university temporarily closed due to the Corona virus, we’ve transitioned to online instruction and meetings. It certainly comes… Read more »

Looking Beyond the MBA Horizon: Post-MBA Career Plan

post-mba career plan

Setting a post-MBA career plan requires both patience and work. Santiago Bautista shares the steps that help him go through this process. Sometimes, during our busy lives, we don´t have time to consider where we are going, and we can only focus on the next step forward. Taking a year off and dedicating it to an… Read more »

Venture Capital Investment Competition begins …

venture capital investment competition

Going to business school, we all assume we know a good business when we see it. Many of us go so far as to believe we have what it takes to spot the next Instagram or Airbnb. At the Venture Capital Investment Competition, me and my fellow MBAs got to put our skills to the… Read more »