what makes the mba meaningful

What makes the MBA meaningful? People.

What makes the MBA year meaningful? The amazing people around you.

The people in and around the programme are the recurring themes that make my MBA soundtrack meaningful. This held true at the beginning of my application process and it holds true today, as I head towards the end of my MBA journey.

Then-student Wynne from the US (that blogged last year on this platform as well as on the Financial Times) answered many of my questions regarding the MBA and life in Copenhagen. Her care and enthusiasm made the decision to come here solid for me. I have not looked back on my decision in disappointment once.

Today, the very same theme: people, continues to drive me forward and inspire me. A month ago, I met my career mentor within the Career Mentor Programme. He is an alumni as well as a seasoned professional who understands my career path. Sitting down to chat with him was like chatting with an old friend in many ways. Being a fellow marketing professional, it was very easy to understand each other’s interests and goals in business and marketing.

My career mentor is also a Dane. This is helpful since my goal is to stay here and secure employment in Denmark. Many of our chats have been around navigating the Danish work culture and how to build relationships with work colleagues as well as create a professional network. He has been very helpful in helping me frame my work experience when crafting my CV and interviewing. I have appreciated his advice on how to focus my job search since I am not necessarily industry-focused and my profile could fit in a few places.

Time is a precious commodity, and when people take time to answer your questions and happily guide you in your journey, it brings meaning to all the work and hours you put into your studies. Sometimes in the MBA, we are so busy and stressed with deadlines and requirements, that it’s hard to remember your focus and find fulfillment in the process. For me, the people who are just on the outside of this journey, offering advice and wisdom, are those who continue to inspire me to move forward with purpose. In many ways, they represent a future me. An MBA and a future CBS alumna who hopes to also pay the time and energy forward.