Finishing the MBA

The MBA finish line is in sight

As Kevin Krieger works to finish the MBA, he writes that the experience has been exactly as challenging and rewarding as he had originally hoped.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that there are only about 50 days left until graduation. While there’s still plenty left to do (like the remainder of our Integrated Strategy Project) and enjoy (like the beautiful summer weather and the outdoor Leadership Simulator), it’s clear that things are slowly coming to a close. Whether it’s the steady stream of announcements from classmates that they have landed jobs in Denmark or trying on graduation caps, the signs that we are about to finish the MBA are everywhere.

Despite some unexpected turns due to COVID-19, the program has been exactly as challenging and rewarding as I had originally hoped. It has:

  • Provided a strong, practical foundation across all key business disciplines that will facilitate fruitful collaboration with future colleagues in accounting, finance, HR, marketing, and beyond;
  • Delivered the tools and support necessary to develop a professional network in Denmark that we can call on throughout our careers
  • Challenged us to reflect on our past leadership experience and commit to continued growth and development;
  • Assembled a collaborative, motivated, international, and professionally diverse group of classmates to learn with and learn from.

Before the program, I would have insisted that so many of the things I’ve accomplished this past year simply weren’t possible. From an impressive feat of engineering in the woods after dark during an LDP trip (no spoilers for future classes) to delivering projects for an agricultural company and a bioscience company despite a complete lack of experience in both industries, I repeatedly stepped out of my comfort zone and, as a result, learned and grew at an unprecedented rate.  Therefore, I have the utmost confidence that my classmates and I leave the Copenhagen MBA incredibly well equipped to seize the opportunities presented by this next phase in our careers.

As I move out of the dorms into my new apartment and redouble my focus on my job search, I’m beyond excited for what the future holds and incredibly grateful to the team at CBS for this unparalleled experience. Thanks for reading!

Having worked in financial services in New York City for several years, Kevin had always wanted to work abroad and chose the CBS MBA to launch his international career.