responsible leadership

Responsible leadership Copenhagen style

Through the Copenhagen MBA, Özge Turhan has learned that responsible leadership is about considering the interests of all parties. She is eager to apply her new skills in her post-MBA career as a responsible leader.

Perhaps I wasn’t expecting the programme to be as intense and busy, but I enjoy the energy and dynamics of the class. It is my chance to meet many inspiring people – classmates, instructors and alumni. I find myself constantly learning and sharing new ideas with people, either older or younger than me, every day.

To join the MBA I left my role as a project manager in a refinery construction site, and moved to Copenhagen to pursue the Full-time MBA. Every day, I feel more certain of my choice in pursuing the Copenhagen MBA compared to the other MBA programmes I was considering. After my MBA, I would like to continue my career in international projects as a fully-equipped project management professional and with good, responsible leadership skills.

As a female engineer in project management, I strongly feel the importance of responsible management. I believe that the sense of ethics in the business world stands mainly on fairness, self-respect and analytical thinking. Providing equal opportunity for any gender and race can foster a strong company culture built on trust and respect.

In the broad perspective, strategic leadership focused on sustainability plays an important role in creating and prevailing ethical business values. Responsible leadership is about considering the interests of all parties; not only shareholders, but all stakeholders; staff, clients, contractors, suppliers, natural resources, society and future generations. I am eager to hone in on the new skills I am learning – critical thinking, business strategy, and sustainability and to apply them in my career post MBA as a responsible leader.