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What makes the MBA go round? People.

what makes the mba meaningful

What makes the MBA year meaningful? The amazing people around you. The people in and around the programme are the recurring themes that make my MBA soundtrack meaningful. This held true at the beginning of my application process and it holds true today, as I head towards the end of my MBA journey. Then-student Wynne… Read more »

My Business Acumen (or why hard business skills matter)

hard business skills matter

For Nikhita, doing her MBA means facing some of her fears such as climbing the dangerous cliffs of Strategy. But that is part of an essential survival test before she can face the climb to the top of the mountain that is her ultimate career.  No one would imagine that a person chooses to attend… Read more »

The road to MBA: Working collaboratively

the road to mba

Talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds join forces to grow and learn together in the Copenhagen MBA. Every business school has something that it highlights to the public. For The Copenhagen MBA, it advertises the three pillars of the program. What I like to point out in addition, though, is how easy it has been… Read more »

How old is ‘too old’ for business school?

never too old for business school

My answer is “never”. I always knew that I wanted to continue my education. However, after my post-graduate degree I got into the Hospitality industry – an industry which you either love at first sight and stay forever or hate right away and leave very shortly. I was immediately sold and fascinated by the business…. Read more »

Responsible leadership Copenhagen style

responsible leadership

It’s been almost 3 months – wrapping up the 1st trimester in the Copenhagen MBA with my fellow classmates. How time flies… Perhaps I wasn’t expecting the programme to be as intense and busy, but I enjoy the energy and dynamics of the class. It is my chance to meet many inspiring people – classmates,… Read more »

Venture Capital Investment Competition begins …

venture capital investment competition

Going to business school, we all assume we know a good business when we see it. Many of us go so far as to believe we have what it takes to spot the next instagram or airbnb. At the Venture Capital Investment Competition on February 5th, CBS’s Full-Time MBAs got to put our skills to… Read more »