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My Whole Life Has Changed Dramatically

life changing experience

My whole life has changed dramatically since the moment I received confirmation on my admission to the Copenhagen MBA. If you think it is too late to start studying again and cite family commitments and children, work or age, that is just your bias. For me, it has been a long time since I studied… Read more »

CBS Business Accelerator: Where Ideas Come to Life… Sort of

cbs business accelerator

Interested in creating and setting up your own business post-MBA? I was, or at least I was curious enough to test if my entrepreneurial ideas would hold up against a rigorous MBA course and a ‘dragon’s den’ created for the occasion. In this post, join me and my two classmates, Nina Lupan and Donald Goff… Read more »

It’s a startup world: what I learned in A-board

a start-up world

When I first met Jakob, one of the two young entrepreneurs who founded Meptek, I was very impressed by both him and his business. Meptek was born from a very simple idea: providing help and support to students struggling to find their way during school years. I have a multinational company background and working with two passionate… Read more »

Changing the world, one MBA at a time

changing the world

Great leaders in the making: Participants in the Copenhagen MBA explore the responsible management business mindset throughout the programme. We’ve just come back from a well-deserved Christmas break and became a little stunned when faced with the workload for this semester… Come on! We are here to relax and have fun and the school is… Read more »

Back-to-school buzz

back to school

Maximilian Hobohm explains how the CBS Executive building and the adjoining courtyard were buzzing with anticipation and back-to-school excitement as the class of 2019 met for the first time. A couple of months ago, when I was finalizing my application for the Copenhagen MBA whilst managing my own business, I couldn’t imagine having that first-day-of-school… Read more »

My favourite class

my favourite class

Nikhita Jayakumar, one of the happy Copenhagen MBAs that earned her stripes, robe and graduation hat earlier this month, reminisces about her favourite class in this post. When I made the decision to attend a one-year MBA, I knew that I had signed up for an intense roller coaster ride. I knew that the classes… Read more »