Full Time MBA Posts

Finding space for an MBA

work life balance

While there’s no doubt that studying for a Full Time MBA while working is demanding, it’s certainly possible to fulfil your all obligations and maintain a healthy life balance – especially if you follow these tips supplied by Deborah Levinson, one of our current students. As a one-year program, the CBS FTMBA can be intense…. Read more »

“I can see myself going back one day”

my MBA

When Phil Hanson’s wife was offered a job that would take them from their home in the U.S. to Denmark, Phil wasted no time in signing up for a full time MBA with CBS – and secured a career-defining position in the process. “When my wife accepted her promotion in 2014, it meant that she… Read more »

Marketing on MBA-level: The key to soaring success or doomed demise

Marketing on MBA level

As part of our Marketing course on MBA level, we engaged in a thrilling project that involved selecting a company and creating a marketing plan. This allowed us an opportunity to merge theory with actual work and was a chance to experiment with different ideas. Before embarking on my MBA at CBS, I worked for… Read more »

“The Copenhagen MBA was an extraordinary year in my life”

Portrait of Priyanka

Alumna Priyanka Bansal began her career in India, came to Copenhagen as a consultant in 2011, completed an MBA in 2012 and now works for Ikea. Here, she explains how the Copenhagen MBA provided extraordinary growth and revealed new career interests. “When I embarked on my career in 2004, I was a engineering graduate fresh… Read more »

Becoming a shark: The MBA venture capital experience

MBA venture capital competition

I’ve always dreamed of being one of the sharks on Shark Tank (or, in the Danish translation: ‘en løve i Løvernes Hule’), and this past weekend I was lucky enough for this to become a reality. As part of the MBA Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) Denmark, I was a venture capitalist for a day… Read more »

The Leadership Discovery Process: My inner leader evolves

Leadership discovery

One of the greatest gifts the Copenhagen MBA journey brings is the opportunity to reflect and challenge the assumptions I have made during my own professional experience, surrounded by committed and inspiring classmates. And that’s exactly what we do in leadership. Together, we are on a journey of leadership discovery, spotting our blind angles and… Read more »