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My Whole Life Has Changed Dramatically

My whole life has changed dramatically since the moment I received confirmation on my admission to the Copenhagen MBA.

If you think it is too late to start studying again and cite family commitments and children, work or age, that is just your bias. For me, it has been a long time since I studied full time. I was harboring fears that I was going to be the oldest in the class, that I would not be able to engage with my peers, that I have two children and would not have time for studies at all, that moving to Copenhagen and settling here will be difficult.

But once you act, don’t be afraid, and if you’re afraid, then don’t act. The decision was taken, I was admitted, so my big journey was about to start.

Settling down was actually a smooth affair as bureaucratic issues on registration and so on turned out to be much easier that I had expected. And Copenhagen is the best city in the world in which to combine living, studying and being a parent!

I was both eager and anxious to start my studies, meet my peers, professors and the administration, get back into a student role and to embrace all the books and study materials (last point is a joke… The attitude to thick heavy course books apparently does not change over time.) 😊

The day came and of course, I was very nervous. I felt silly, happy and somehow proud of myself. I also found it difficult to sleep, and if their blog posts are anything to go by, insomnia before the first day is not uncommon in soon-to-be-MBAs. In my case, high expectations, challenges and emotions kept me awake.

But everything went really well. My class is amazing. We are a highly international class, displaying the most diverse backgrounds of all CBS Full-time MBA chapters. I was pleased to learn that I was not the oldest in the class and there were other parents as well. It is very important to have a friendly learning environment, to experience support and warmth, to be among like-minded people to succeed on this journey, and not least to enjoy the ride.

The program and the information load was quite intense from the start, especially for those of us that do not possess a number-crunching background. But my work experience helps enormously. My transformation started already on day one through courses such as the Leadership Discovery Process, Managing Sustainable Corporations, and Managing Your Career. Lots of food for thought, discussions, group work, case studies, research, directions and so on.

I so enjoy the process and the sensation of being student again. I know now that I was right in my decision to enroll in the Copenhagen MBA and look forward to the year ahead!

Sabina has a degree in law and worked as a lawyer for seven years, before shifting to a career in general business. Having a Danish husband, CBS was the natural choice for her.