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It’s a startup world: What I learned in A-board

When I first met Jakob, one of the two young entrepreneurs who founded the startup Meptek, I was very impressed by him and his business. Meptek was born from a very simple idea: Providing help and support to students struggling to find their way during their school years. I have a multinational company background and working with two passionate entrepreneurs and understanding their idea and how it came about was very interesting. This happened as part of the CBS A-board program, where we acted as a board for this startup for eight months.

The startup Meptek facilitates intensive learning camps, conducted physically in the classroom for a maximum of 30 students. During these intensive learning camps, Jakob and his team cover a range of subjects such as presentation techniques, oral examination, written examination, social skills, university interviews, group work and the curriculum, all of which are required knowledge and skills for the students.

Meptek brings immense value to the students who directly benefit from Jakob’s and Nikolaj’s project (and trainings) as well as to the Danish society which will not have to pay the cost of unemployment when students successfully find jobs after finishing school.

Based on our discussions with Jakob and further background research we learned that teachers are essential to the learning experience of students. However, in reality they often have difficulties to keep an overview of the individual’s strength and weaknesses. This is why we suggested putting the teacher at the center of a digital solution. With our solution, Meptek Digital, we proposed to create an application which helps teachers to tailor education more individually to the students’ needs.

My A-board team consisted of people with different profiles and experience: Finance, HR, operations, consultancy, as well as one person with experience from the startup scene. We had a great platform from which to advise and challenge the company. As a group, we made our expectations clear and underlined our strengths and weaknesses. We were respectful of each other’s time and very committed to helping our assigned startup. I strongly believe that when you have people committed to the project, you can always create value. Our team worked well because we all believed in the project and were open to each other’s ideas and willing to compromise.

The A-board was overall a very positive experience because it taught me a lot about a field that was completely new to me and gave me insight into the exciting world of entrepreneurs. It has been a great journey, and I am very satisfied with what the ‘final product’, i.e. our recommendations, provided for our startup. Seeing Jakob happy, interested and very surprised by the presentation of our solution ‘Meptek Digital’, made me proud and I felt that we, as a team, had accomplished our objective.