“The internship at Danske Bank provided me with opportunity”

Camila Boada, Full-Time MBA participant, joined the programme with a finance background; she most recently was the Finance and Project Coordinator for Scotiabank. Her internship at Danske Bank provided her with a unique opportunity to experience the Danish working culture within a Nordic leading bank.

What have you enjoyed about your MBA journey thus far?

The MBA experience has been influenced by the international group of friends that I have made throughout the year. Celebrating holidays with friends to mark their own cultural holiday has opened me up to new cultures and experiences. Being in Europe I have also had the chance to explore new cities like Prague, Milan, Gdańsk, and Budapest. All this has allowed me for a balance between my studies, the internship, and fun times within Denmark and abroad. The people are the biggest part of the journey that I will bring with me.

Why did you choose the Copenhagen MBA?

Having spent my academic and professional career in Colombia I really wanted to challenge myself to move to Europe, put myself into the Nordic culture and experience a new way of living such as cycling and work-life balance to broaden my own horizons. Compared to Bogota, the pace in Copenhagen is a bit slower, here I can enjoy cycling and I like being near the water. The proximity of Denmark to other European capitals has also given me the opportunity to travel during my studies.

How do you think your internship (or Integrated Strategy Project) will benefit your career?

The internship at Danske Bank provided me with a unique opportunity to experience the Danish working culture within a Nordic leading bank. During my internship I was able to help strategize, consult, objectively view projects from a third-party perspective, and utilise my banking background to complete complex tasks in a short period of time, while also completing my MBA dissertation.

The culture developed within Danske Bank provided me with a chance to create connections within the banking sector plus a strong Danish network which I can rely on after my MBA.

How do you feel the Leadership Discovery Process has impacted you personally and professionally?

For me, the Leadership Discovery Process was a very personal journey, I thought it was going to be more about professional development, but it ended up being one of the most interesting experiences of my personal life as it allowed me to reflect on my MBA journey and life before coming to Denmark.

Whether it’s coming to this programme or starting the LDP course, I thought that I was looking to develop certain skillsets for my career, but what I walked away with is a better understanding of myself.

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