Completing an MBA in times of crisis

Completing an MBA in times of crisis

Santiago Bautista and his classmates are completing their MBA from home, drawing on recently acquired leadership skills to increase their stamina.

Added challenges

The final sprint required to complete an MBA is known to be a big challenge. As the Copenhagen MBA draws to a close, the pressure to perform becomes more intense. Add to this the uncertainty and fear brought by the current pandemic and the situation we find ourselves in might seem almost unbearable.

One of the biggest struggles to overcome to successfully cross the MBA finish line is the lack of motivation. Coming from Spain, where the crisis has hit particularly hard, I can’t stop thinking about my friends and family. Worrying about how to complete an MBA has become the least of my concerns. And yet, the program keeps moving forward as planned, with the added challenge of having to adapt to the digital platforms. But this is when our true leadership skills need to kick in. We need to keep moving forward and, if anything, push harder than ever, not least to honour everyone on the front line working so hard to battle this crisis.

Staying active helps

To navigate these uncertain times, I have developed the following routines that I hope will prove useful to future MBA students reading this post:

Exercise: Even if you cannot leave home, it is very important to stay active. This will not only help to maintain a healthy body, but also ensure a healthy mind. Since I started exercising, both my sleep and concentration have improved significantly.

Talk to people: As human beings, we are social animals, and interactions keep us stable. Thankfully, modern technology can connect us to our friends and family. Even a small virtual gathering gives me a boost of energy so I can push through these days.

Structure your day: Working from home can be challenging and having a structure can help setting the boundaries for a healthy work/life balance. Small things like defining an “office” space and following fixed “working hours” have helped me become more productive and gain more time for myself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself: This is of paramount importance! The current situation is challenging and we are all doing the best we can. Some days we have lower motivation, some days we are less productive… but overall, we are making a huge effort and we should acknowledge it.

Santiago is a Spanish architect, designer, and entrepreneur. He is currently following his dream of starting his own design studio, Bau Design.