changing the world

Changing the world, one MBA at a time

Great leaders in the making: Participants in the Copenhagen MBA are changing the world – one MBA at a time – through the responsible management business mindset gained in the programme.

We’ve just come back from a well-deserved Christmas break and became a little stunned when faced with the workload for this semester… Come on! We’re here to relax and have fun and the school is making us work. What’s worse, we’ve signed up for this MBA voluntarily! Being back at school has been challenging, definitely, but it is a great opportunity to reflect on your personal goals, boost your career and connect with people from all around the world. I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere of the class, the energy and engaging discussions, and the feeling that we’re all here to make a difference.

One of the main reasons why I chose CBS for my MBA was its emphasis on responsible management and leadership development. As a project manager in the renewable energy industry, I really believe that these are fundamental issues for the future. Carrying out actions based on ethical values provides legitimacy and meaning to business development. Furthermore, responsible management makes sense, because it does not only concern itself with doing good, but also with reducing risks and creating value for companies. We’ve been developing this ‘changing the world’ mindset in the program throughout the various courses, from Economics to Human Resource Management, because sustainability and responsibility in business are at the core of our MBA experience.

I feel a great motivation to continue learning about these issues and I believe that they will bring me closer to my goals. I would like to continue my professional career in international projects where I can apply these skills and develop them further.