Back-to-school buzz

Maximilian Hobohm explains how the CBS Executive building and the adjoining courtyard were buzzing with anticipation and back-to-school excitement as the class of 2019 met for the first time.

A couple of months ago, when I was finalizing my application for the Copenhagen MBA whilst managing my own business, I couldn’t imagine having that first-day-of-school feeling back; a feeling I haven’t experienced since I was a child. But as I woke up on the morning of the first day I couldn’t help but experience that same level of back-to-school excitement. And as I got ready to go to bed on that same day, I found myself just as excited as I was that morning.

During my application, I quickly understood that one of the most, if not the most, important trait of the Copenhagen MBA – a program very much devoted to teamwork, diversity and leadership – was going to be my classmates. Today I finally got to meet them all, and what I quickly discovered and found reassuring was that I immediately noticed that my classmates were as excited as I was. Their expectations for the forthcoming year were just as high as mine. As I got chatting to everyone about what to expect, I believe the words Challenge and Development came up at least a few hundred times…

Two of the major reasons I decided to pursue a full-time MBA at CBS were the small class sizes and the high level of diversity in the class. I believed that a smaller, international class would foster personal development and offer multiple perspectives. I am just few days into the learning journey and it’s probably too soon to tell, but considering the discussions that took place already on the first day, I’m pretty certain I was right.