social responsibility

“Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Mindset is the Need of the Hour”

Vasundhara Vigh, Full-Time MBA participant, comitted to social responsibility, is currently an intern at Capgemini in their Applied Innovation Exchange department in Malmo, Sweden. She says that the internship has given her, “the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the Nordic work culture.”

Why did you choose the Copenhagen MBA?

As the world deals with an array of problems ranging from climate change to extreme poverty, being an MBA with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and sustainability mindset is the need of the hour. What drew me to CBS MBA is its commitment to imparting knowledge about the Scandinavian business model which focuses on ethical decision-making and social responsibility.

My professional goal is to learn how to become an effective leader. My previous international experience allowed me to work in teams comprising people of different cultural backgrounds. Being at CBS MBA gave me the learning opportunity how to lead such teams successfully. To this effect, the carefully curated leadership discovery process at CBS has been a great boost. It helped me discover my leadership style, provide me with the tactical tools required to become a balanced leader, and position myself better in an organization.

The geographical location of the school also played a role in my selection. The city of Copenhagen is a progressive city with a development model based on sustainability at its core. Living in a city like that meant that my learning experience continues outside the classrooms. Denmark is a hub for big companies in many sectors including healthcare. The school’s vicinity to such companies hoping for a smooth transition to a corporate position post-MBA also played into my choice of CBS MBA.

Is there anything you found particularly challenging about the MBA? If so, how did you successfully manage this challenge? Or what did you find surprising about the MBA?

The most challenging part for me was learning to navigate through some extremely stressful periods of time. The fast pace of the classes, appended by exams and other deliverables at some point took a toll on me. With better planning, time management, support from my fellow classmates, and mentoring from the careers team I was able to maneuver myself to perform my best in the program.

What has been the most impactful or memorable part of the program?

The program has been a great learning experience in more ways than one. Even in a small cohort like here at CBS MBA, I have classmates from varied professional backgrounds and different levels of work experience. What has been the most memorable for me are the class discussions we have had on many different topics during our program. The discussions brought to the surface an array of different perspectives and beliefs. This pushed my horizon to expand and I’ve learned to look at and analyze an issue from multiple different angles. This has in many ways impacted not only my leadership style but also how I work within a team on a problem.

How do you think your internship (or Integrated Strategy Project) will benefit your career?

I am currently an intern at Capgemini in their Applied Innovation Exchange department in Malmo, Sweden. This internship has given me the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the Nordic work culture. This internship has also been an opportunity for me to employ and apply all that I learned during the program and see how it practically works in an actual corporate setting.

Lastly, the internship has also been an excellent networking opportunity, which as it turns out is key to expanding one’s professional network in Denmark.

What has your experience been living in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen as a city has been fantastic. Having lived in much larger cities like New Delhi and Chicago, Copenhagen to me is a small(er) city with big-city amenities and vibes. I got myself a bicycle just a week after I moved here and have thoroughly enjoyed how bike-friendly the city is. I’ve used the bike as my primary mode of transport and have enjoyed the scenery of how intertwined nature and urban development are around Copenhagen. Copenhagen has given me a sense of coziness that I did not know I was seeking. I would be happy to call this city home if such an opportunity arises after the MBA.

Through the Copenhagen MBA, participants gain an internationally recognised qualification that is respected across the globe. But more than that, they gain critical insight into the admired Scandinavian business model – a model that prides itself on its ethical decision making, social responsibility and green agenda. If you would like learn more about the Full-Time MBA (a.k.a The Copenhagen MBA): Click here to download the brochure.