EMBA at Copenhagen

“The benefits are already being seen”

For Susanne Lundby, VP of finance for PensionDanmark, the EMBA at Copenhagen Business School moved her from being a manager to a leader. Her final strategy project for the course was so effective that many of its findings are already being implemented by her employer.

“The biggest game-changers for me were the leadership and change management elements. Through these courses, I felt I got transformed from being a manager into a leader. This leadership journey made me much more conscious of my own role, both in the organisation and in the business environment as a whole and how I can use my skills and abilities to achieve certain goals or certain results.

“I also gained some really tangible tools to help me navigate what is a very complex business environment. That is so important if you want to achieve those goals and results, both on your business unit’s level, but also in the company at large.

“One of the most attractive elements of the Copenhagen Business School is the chance to mix with international students. I really enjoyed meeting new people and getting their perspectives on various business topics. The EMBA at Copenhagen provided a completely free space for me and my fellow students to discuss these topics and we all discovered that, even though we come from very different industries, we all have the same challenges.

“The fact that PensionDanmark has supported me in both entering and completing the programme has made me very grateful and I feel highly motivated when I turn up to work in the morning. I think it has shown to be a good investment for the company, especially the final project – the strategy project – when I had the opportunity to describe and define PensionDanmark’s business model and look at how we create value for our customers. Understanding how you create value to your customers is vital if you want to run your business in a smart way; I used a lot of what I learned from the EMBA to do this.

“My CEO, Torben Möger Pedersen, says that the company is very proud that I have taken the programme and that its benefits are already being seen, particularly my strategy project. The outcome is that the company has already implemented a number of my recommendations. As you can imagine, this makes me proud, too.”

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