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What does crisis leadership look like?

crisis leadership

EMBA leadership professor Magnus Larsson reveals the different types of leadership – and which approach works best in a crisis. “In a time of crisis there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, and if you are a leader during a crisis there will be a lot of pressure to act decisively to alleviate that… Read more »

“There is hope that this will be reasonably short-lived”

Copenhagen Business School

We asked Jesper Rangvid, the world-renowned Professor of Finance and EMBA Associate Dean here at Copenhagen Business School to give us his thoughts on the Coronavirus crisis and its impact on the financial markets. Thankfully, he was not too pessimistic about the situation… While the Coronavirus pandemic rages around the world, it’s bringing with it… Read more »

“The benefits are already being seen”

EMBA at Copenhagen

For Susanne Lundby, VP of finance for PensionDanmark, the EMBA at Copenhagen Business School moved her from being a manager to a leader. Her final strategy project for the course was so effective that many of its findings are already being implemented by her employer. “The biggest game-changers for me were the leadership and change… Read more »

“There’s no reason to stop learning”

CBS Executive MBA

Nathalie Breysse started her CBS Executive MBA journey as a neuroscientist with pharmaceutical company Lundbeck. Combining that expertise with new skills from her EMBA, she bridged the gap to the commercial side of the industry and is now director (global strategic marketing pipeline) with the same company. “The pharmaceutical industry is one of innovation, but… Read more »

“I was keen to experience Scandinavian education”

Copenhagen study

Mohammed Al Hassani lives and works in Oman as CCO of the Zubair Corporation. He believes his long-haul commute to Copenhagen to study for his EMBA is worth every second, and has already gained a fresh perspective on business thanks to the course’s international outlook. “Usually people in Oman don’t go to Copenhagen to study…. Read more »