Embrace your digital development

Futureproof your career and learn how to make valued, informed leadership decisions on the digitalization of your organisation with a standalone MBA level certificate from CBS.

While many may not understand the full implications of the word that’s on everyone’s lips, digitalization has become a central tenet of modern business. And as such, executives need to dominate the dialogue if they are to create value and play an active role in defining the future of their organisation – and their career.

Stefan Henningsson of the CBS Department of Digitalization, explains more about the course and its aims: “In many ways, this course is about the technologies, the working practices, and the processes by which we can create and sustain this reinvention. And as a leader playing your part in the development of a company, you need to have competence in this area.

“It’s not only about the conversion of analogue things into digital, or appropriating technologies, it’s about reinvention of companies so that they are aligned to constant transformation.”

As many of today’s business leaders are discovering, transformation is becoming the new normal and the effects are being felt in every sector from pharma to retail to engineering to hospitality. Technology-enabled innovation, changing customer behaviour and the new regulatory environment is powering this transformation and as businesses embrace advances such as Artificial Intelligence, social connectivity, biometrics and Big Data, the business landscape will become almost unrecognisable.

“Or to put it simply: continuous change is not an option, it’s a strategic necessity. Yet some find it a state that’s difficult to manage, let alone master.”

Henningsson explains: “Crucially, many existing mangers do not have the background or the necessary skills to manage digitalization; there is a shortage of talent. But this concentration readdresses that. It’s about how to lead and be a manger in this tech infused world. To turn unknowns into knowns. And to embrace the great opportunities provided by digital development.

“It’s worth noting that this change will touch all industries. Even physical, traditional companies will need to evolve if they are to survive – look at the toymakers that are fusing physical products with AI or the mattress makers that are instituting digital sensors in their products, for example.”

Students that study for the digitalization concentration will qualify equipped with the skills and knowledge to take charge of the agenda and will learn how to develop appropriate, far-reaching recommendations for the success of their organisation. And as Henningsson adds: “It isn’t about teaching you to become a technology expert, it’s about being able to lead tech experts.”

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