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Mastering marketing: a transatlantic perspective

EMBA's in Chicago

The Executive MBA cohort recently travelled to Chicago as part of the Marketing course led by Associate Professor Mogens Bjerre. In the following, he offers a flavour of what to expect from the module – and how the illuminating trip can reframe your thinking. One of the defining tenets of the CBS EMBA is the… Read more »

Staying Agile through Innovation

ISL visit

Innovation plays a critical role in achieving competitive advantage across all industries. Researcher in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Professor at SDA Bocconi, and Copenhagen Business School Executive MBA Innovation Course Professor, Mikkel Draebye, clarifies the importance of innovation.  In most industries, doing something new like finding new ways to service customers, innovating the communication channels… Read more »

“The EMBA keeps you fresh”

Robin Ren - Head of Strategy and Business Development at GEA

Robin Ren is the Head of Strategy and Business Development at GEA, one of the world’s largest suppliers of systems and components to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. He recently graduated from the Executive MBA at Copenhagen Business School and by way of his Integrated Strategy project he was elevated to a Senior Strategy… Read more »

Succession through the lens of an EMBA

Signe Cederstrøm - EMBA

Signe Cederstrøm with her father Finn Cederstrøm. Photo Credit: Resino Printing inks. Tasked with taking the reins of her father’s internationally-renowned ink business, Signe Cederstrøm knew that she needed to gain more of a theoretical springboard to succeed. The EMBA at Copenhagen Business School provided her with just that. Building a leader Resino Inks A/S… Read more »

Strategic planning is like rafting

Professor Marie Louise Mors compares strategic planning to river rafting around large rocks. You can take more than one route and the current can change. Through the CBS Executive MBA, Mors equips business leaders with the tools to choose the right path. “When I’m asked about the best strategy I usually tease people and say,… Read more »

How can the CBS Executive MBA Help You Become a Sustainable Leader?

Tina at NIRAS - A Sustainable Leader

Tina Hørbye Christensen is the CFO of a top engineering consultancy, she says her Executive MBA helped her master sustainable leadership. What makes a good leader? For Tina Hørbye Christensen, CFO and Executive Vice President of NIRAS (a value-driven, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy committed to sustainable progress and service delivery) she feels that it’s about achieving… Read more »