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Where next for global shipping? Webinar playback

What’s next for the shipping industry? What will the pandemic’s longer-term effects on global shipping be?

Webinar with Irene Rosberg and Lars Jensen.

Irene Rosberg is the Founder and Programme Director for the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (aka the Blue MBA)

Lars Jensen is CEO and Partner of SeaIntelligence Consulting. He also lectures for the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistic programme.

About the webinar:

Before the pandemic, a range of transformations had already begun in the shipping industry. Digitalisation, business model transformation and changes in fundamental global trade patterns were already creating ripples around the globe, driven by elements such as nearshoring, demographics and tradewars. On top of that, we saw an increased focus on environmental responsibility. The pandemic in itself has not changed, or created, these influences. But it will accelerate the pace by which they unfold, and therefore shipping executives might also find themselves needing to adapt to a new environment faster than would have been plausible just a few months ago.

This webinar, hosted by the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (aka the Blue MBA), takes a close look at where the industry is and where it might be headed. Join us as we explore the perplexing question ‘Where next for global shipping?´’

Watch the webinar playback here.

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