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“It was time to get out on the edge again”: Enter Blue MBA

An experienced and respected leader in the maritime industry, Thomas Damgsgaard enrolled for the Blue MBA at Copenhagen Business School to boost his business toolkit and to help him navigate a fast-changing sector. “I am a shipping man. I started out in 1990 and have worked with companies such as Clipper and Spliethoff in locations… Read more »

“My lifelong Blue MBA journey”

A leading light in the shipping industry, Capt. Michael Elwert is the Chief Operating Officer of Global Ship Management within V Group. Here, he explains how the CBS Blue MBA has helped shape his career – and how it continues to influence his working life today. “I have worked in this industry since my first… Read more »

Where next for global shipping? Webinar playback

global shipping

What’s next for the shipping industry? What will the pandemic’s longer-term effects on global shipping be? Webinar with Irene Rosberg and Lars Jensen. Irene Rosberg is the Founder and Programme Director for the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (aka the Blue MBA) Lars Jensen is CEO and Partner of SeaIntelligence Consulting. He also… Read more »

CBS Insider: Blue MBA

shipping and logistics

No one is better qualified to give us the inside track on the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (AKA: The Blue MBA) than its founding programme director, Irene Rosberg. In this exclusive blog, she outlines the course and explains how it can prepare you for an exciting career in a rapidly evolving industry. To use… Read more »