Blue MBA Posts

“My industry is 10 years behind in digitalisation”

Liv Kjaer in the Blue MBA classroom.

As a Regional Team Leader of Operations in Denmark with Torm A/S, Liv Kjaer knows that that the shipping industry is lagging behind other sectors when it comes to digitalisation. Through her senior role at a leading product tanker, she leads from the front with the advocacy of modern techniques through the educational path of… Read more »

The Ideal Education for Leaders of the Maritime Industry

The Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics, also known as the Blue MBA, is developing key professionals that will lead the sector towards a greener and sustainable future. The maritime industry accounts for approximately 90% of the world’s global trade and it is evolving faster than ever. It plays a pivotal role in the global… Read more »

“Your network is your net worth”


With a background in automotive engineering, Yiannis Pastellas undertook the Blue MBA, became confident of his skillset, made lasting relationships – and found a new role when he needed it most. Download the Blue MBA brochure to learn more. “I’ve only been in the shipping industry for the last 12-13 years; my career before that… Read more »

“The Blue MBA is accessible for people in my region”

Mozambique-based Amado Mabasso took the CBS Blue MBA – despite the distance – to get more involved in the shipping and logistics industry and specify his knowledge. “Latterly, my working life has centred around shipping and logistics and as Chairman and partner at I2A, we are undergoing an immense project to set up a huge… Read more »

“One of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life”

Blue MBA ambassador Saunak Rai – Head of FueLNG – reflects on his experience at CBS. After many years at sea, Saunak endeavored to invest in broadening his knowledge of shipping and logistics and signed up for the Blue MBA using his own money. “I studied nautical science in Mumbai and graduated with the President’s… Read more »

“It was about connecting my logistics knowledge more holistically”

Despite his many years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry, International Freight Shipping’s Reynir Gislason embarked on the CBS Blue MBA at the age of 47 to further his education and take his business to the next level. “The industry’s experiencing an astonishing transition at the moment. We are going through an unprecedented… Read more »