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When Lizelle Van Schouwenburg and her husband returned to South Africa after he’d completed his MBA at CBS, she could not have known that they’d be returning to the city one day – this time with her as the student. Here, Lizelle talks about her MBA experience.
Abhay Kinra had wanted to study for his MBA for seven years before he finally had the chance last year. Here he talks about how, a third of the way through, it has not only improved his day-to-day performance but has given him the opportunity to reflect on the future …
Full Time MBA
CBS alumnus Jack Langworthy was originally drawn to a full-time MBA by the prospect of moving into a higher wage bracket. And while the American entrepreneur achieved just that, his heart led him to Africa, where he put his business skills to use.
As a leading figure in Denmark’s shipping industry with a suitably demanding schedule, Dorte Thuesen Christensen had to structure her time carefully to study for her Blue MBA. But it was all worth the sacrifices as since then she’s become the VP for Operations & Claims at Hafnia. Read …
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