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The Executive MBA cohort recently travelled to Chicago as part of the Marketing course led by Associate Professor Mogens Bjerre. In the following, he offers a flavour of what to expect from the module – and how the illuminating trip can reframe your thinking.
Full Time MBA
Norsyafiqah Othman, Full-Time MBA Class of 2020, chose the Copenhagen MBA because she received a scholarship that enabled her transition and she knew that the Danish working culture fostered empowerment across the board.
Catherine Merlo, Sustainability Strategy Consultant Dissing+Weitling shares how the CBS MBA was the springboard she needed to excel. Having just graduated from CBS, Catherine is now implementing the strategy she masterminded during her MBA internship.
We recently brought together Andy Mellor (MBA Admissions Manager), Maria Valentin Palgaard (Careers and Alumni Manager) and Catherine Merlo (MBA alumni) to discuss how you can secure the right internship, and then use the experience to successfully launch yourself into the job market.
Executive MBA
Innovation plays a critical role in achieving competitive advantage across all industries. Researcher in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Professor at Bocconi, and Copenhagen Business School Executive MBA Innovation Course Professor, Mikkel Draebye, clarifies the importance of innovation.
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