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Executive MBA
Robin Ren is the Head of Strategy and Business Development at GEA, one of the world’s largest suppliers of systems and components to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. He recently graduated from the Executive MBA at Copenhagen Business School.
Tasked with taking the reins of her father’s internationally-renowned ink business, Signe Cederstrøm knew that she needed to gain more of a theoretical springboard to succeed. The EMBA at Copenhagen Business School provided her with just that.
Executive MBA
Professor Marie Louise Mors compares strategic planning to river rafting around large rocks. You can take more than one route and the current can change. Through the Executive MBA, Mors equips business leaders with the tools to choose the right path.
Danish operations manager Liv Kjaer knows that that the shipping industry is lagging behind other sectors when it comes to digitalisation. Through her senior role at a leading product tanker, she leads from the front with advocacy of modern techniques and through the educational path of the Blue MBA
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